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Laundry Pedestal with Drawer

Laundry Pedestal Stand with Drawer raises your Front Load Washer or Dryer to an optimal working height, for ease of loading and unloading of washing. A clever way to safely store your laundry essentials so you can keep your laundry neat and tidy.
Suitable brands:
AEG, Electrolux, Simpson, Westinghouse
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Laundry Pedestal with Drawer (PDST61)

Key Features



Extra Storage Space


Ergonomic solution


Domestic warranty details (yrs)
Product Relates to
Washing Machine, Dryer
Install, Perform, Care
Accessory Other Features
Model specific - check for compatibility
Steel Casing
Total height (mm)
Total width (mm)
Total depth (mm)
Compatible Models
EDC2086GDW, EDC804BEWA, EDH3586GDW, EDH3896GDW, EDH803BEWA, EDH803BEWN, EDH803CEWA, EDH903BEWA, EWF1041ZDWA, ... EWF1042BDWA, EWF1042R7WB, EWF12822, EWF12832, EWF12853, EWF14012, EWF14013, EWF14023, EWF14822, EWF14912, EWF14922, EWF14933, EWF8024Q5WB, EWF9024CDWA, EWF9024Q5WB, EWF9042R7WB, EWF9043BDWA, L77480FL, L87480FL, L89409FL, L98690FL, LF8C1612A, LF8C8412A, LF8C9412A, LF8C9412AC, LF8E8411A, LF9A1612AC, LF9C1612AQ, SWF12843, SWF14843, SWF8025DQWA, T6DCE821B, T6DHE831B, T86280IC, T8DHC846B, T8DHC862B, T8DHC876C, T8DHE842B, T96690IH, T97689IH, T9DBA866C, T9DHA866C, WDH804N7WA
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Compatible PNCs
914900515, 91490051500, 91490051501, 91490051502, 91490051503, 91490051504, 914900516, 91490051600, 91490051601, ... 91490051602, 914900775, 91490077500
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How do I find my product number (PNC) or model number?
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